1. If you have a habit of following the posts of irrelevant cults of personality on the left, you might have seen the Revolutionary Communist Party’s recent post on its website, accusing the Kasama Project of engaging in “piggish” behavior. This is our response to their irresponsible charges which not only endanger the broader revolutionary movement, but potential the safety of comrades. Read.


    This Kasama site has recently been accused by the Revolutionary Communist Party of setting up their members and leadership for state repression.

    The RCP’s recent statement is called “Outright Piggery from the Camp of Counter-Revolution” — so their charge is right in the title.

    Extreme accusations demand a response.

    Here it is: These claims are utterly false. The RCP does not give examples, evidence or proof of their accusation because they have none.

    Here is their central charge:

    “Specifically, including very recently, there has been a whole practice of naming individuals who are identified on the Kasama site as being connected to the RCP, and then encouraging people to try to find out about individuals, their relationship to the Party, and speculation about the composition of different bodies and membership in the Party. And there has been an ongoing campaign of posting ad hominem (personal) attacks on Bob Avakian in particular. This alone puts it in the same camp as reactionary and vicious right-wing blogs and websites, doing the work for government agencies whose mission is to collect this kind of information which is then used to destroy individuals and organizations they deem to be a threat.”

    In fact: Kasama has published political criticisms of the RCP. If that has been damaging to the RCP it is because their politics are self-isolating and unattractive. However Kasama discussion has never breached the security of any organizations.

     We have never outed members or speculated on private affairs, or recklessly circulated names, or discussed who sits on internal bodies, and so on. Our criticism of Avakian has been at the level of line — and specifically not involved in personal matters and details.

    Again: The RCP’s charges are simply false.

    In fact, the RCP statement is itself a textbook violation of revolutionary security culture and of honesty. It is an exercise of reckless and unjustified police-baiting.

    Sift through the evidence available (and through the glaring lack of evidence!) Draw your own conclusions.