1. Mobilization at San Francisco city hall against the techie-fication of public parks, 10/16/14. Most people are here because of the incident at Mission District park, when a bunch of mostly white tech workers tried to kick a bunch of mostly Latino kids off a soccer field after having paid for a reservation through a mobile app.


  2. The political culture in the United States is so fucked up that calling something unjust is considered a less effective way to discredit your opponent’s position than calling it un-American.


  3. If I have any followers in Oakland, what do y’all think of Dan Siegel’s run for mayor? He seems like a legit dude with a relatively pro-people platform, but I don’t know if it’s enough to cause me to vote for the first time in 8 years.


  4. There have been more deaths from homicide in Oakland this month than deaths from Hamas rockets in Israel

    Oakland has 1/20th Israel’s population and it’s been a slow month for homicides here. Nobody feels terrorized.


  5. I love this article. Susan Abdulhawa lays down a perfect and beautiful explanation of why Palestinians fight back, and why many of us look to Palestine with admiration and profound respect.

  6. Afro-Venezuelan members of the FANB (Venezuela’s military) march in support of the government, while members of the right-wing opposition says they are too dark to be Venezuelan and effectively accuses them of being part of some strange Cuban conspiracy.

    "These features aren’t those of Venezuelan afro-descendants, to me they look more like Cuban characteristics… What about you?"


  7. Official vote verification in El Salvador confirms FMLN lead

    A winner has still not been declared because the right-wing ARENA party is appealing the results based on unsubstantiated accusations of fraud, but it seems all but certain that when the smoke clears, Salvador Sánchez Céren will be the next president of El Salvador.



  9. For those of you who didn’t see it, the USA tried to use the Organization of American States (traditionally a US-puppet organization) to promote intervention in Venezuela. Instead, an OAS resolution passed supporting President Maduro’s peace initiative by a 29-3 margin; Panamá was the only Latin Amercan country to vote with the United States and Canada against Venezuela. Our peoples have seen right-wing coups before; we can recognize the signs, and we know what side we’re on.

    América Latina cada día más libre del yugo imperialista! Palo al yanqui!


  10. My photos from Monday’s event in San Francisco! Contra el golpismo de la derecha, y CON el pueblo y su revolución!

  11. Interested in understanding what’s happening in Venezuela? Watch this short segment from Al Jazeera America featuring Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher, who explains some of the historical context and significance of the current protests.

  12. If you live in the Bay Area, come out to this!

  13. Supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela came together today in San Francisco to reject the acts of violence and destabilization committed by sectors of the right-wing opposition, and to reaffirm our support for the rights of the Venezuelan people to push forward their socialist project in peace and without foreign interference. Viva Chávez! Viva el pueblo revolucionario! Unidas y unidos con Maduro hacia el socialismo bolivariano!

    Photo: Natalio Pérez, kasamaproject.org (more photos will be available Tuesday)


  14. A short interview that I conducted recently with a comrade from the Partido Comunista de México (marxista-leninista).

  15. Prints will be made available for pickup in the Bay Area and Sacramento if anyone is interested. Camaradas is the name I chose for a print design project I’m hoping to get going this year, beginning just with myself and hopefully becoming more collective with time. Get at me…

    …y que viva Chávez, carajo!

    Design: Natalio Pérez — companatalio@gmail.com