1. bradicalmang:

    “Gandhi and the Politics of Non-Violence” presented by Professor Snehal Shingavi @ Occupy Austin.  

    This video dives into the real history of the India Liberation movement and tells the truth about the role Gandhi played in it. It’s a little long, so set some time aside to watch the full thing. We need a space in which we can honestly talk about tactics and strategies against the ruling class, instead of instantly silencing tactics deemed “violent” by those who have different interests. I strongly urge everyone to watch this! Dogmatic pacifists take note! 

    Watching this now. Please ignore the screenshot, I have reason to believe that this was chosen intentionally to get more attention, as it occupies about 2 seconds of the video. Enjoy!

    (Source: remuslumpen)

  2. Ward Churchill, Pacifism as Pathology (p. 55)