1. Revolution is a Necessity: Interview with Pampha Bhushal


    Spokesperson for the newly-formed Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, Pampha Bhusal, speaks to journalists from Canada’s BASICS Community News Service and Kasama Project [USA] about the situation in Nepal, the necessity of revolution, and her journey from student activist to communist leader. From January, 2013.

    It’s about 15 minutes and absolutely worth watching, I was really excited to finally be able to release this online.

  2. A video interview that some comrades and I put together in Nepal this past January. Check it out! Reposted from Kasama Project.

    BASICS CNS and Winter Has Its End correspondents caught up with Ganesh Kumar Chitaure, owner of a radical bookstore, Jagaran Book House, in Kathmandu.

    Chitaure explains some of the basic inequalities along caste and class lines in Nepal that motivated him to join the Maoist movement.

    He also talks about the role that he played as a member of the Maoist party and how that led to his founding this bookstore.

    Chitaure also provides a brief overview of the differences and splits that have emerged in the Maoist movement now after the ending of the insurgency.

  3. aflameoffreedom:

    How Nonviolence Protects the State, Peter Gelderloos interview

  4. ikillwhatineed:

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever found on YouTube.

    Che Guevara interviewed in Dublin, Ireland.

    His interpreter was an air hostess and as you can see she is trying her best. What’s also amusing is the typically Irish question “There’s a lot of trouble in Cuba at the moment isn’t there?”

    Che himself had Irish ancestry, his father being called Ernesto Guevara Lynch. One will notice the charisma that just radiates off this guy from this footage whether you entirely support or believe in his ideas.

    Ay pobrecita la irlandesa, her Spanish is terrible. Still, el Che is here being a badass as always.

    (via revolucion94)