1. "Es tiempo de recoger lo que sembramos ayer, y ver lo que hicimos crecer. Quién sembró dolor y pena, que recoja su condena, que son sus cadenas de ayer."

    Venezuelan folk group Los Guaraguao sings Tiempo de Recoger.


  2. concierto los guaraguaoGreetings folks! It is now 4:37 in the AM, still awake for some reason. Anyway, I almost forgot to bring you all the song of the day! For today, we’re going to take a look at the song “Obrero Acepta mi Mano” [Worker, Take my Hand] by Los Guaraguao (wa-ra-wow). Los Guaraguao is a still-active Venezuelan group, very popular both in their native country as well as through Central America, particularly in El Salvador where their music was often associated with the FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front), to the extent that one of their more famous songs is entitled “Orgulloso de Ser Salvadoreño” [Proud to be Salvadoran].

    Today’s song is about the group attempting to gain the trust and confidence of working people, claiming that they wish to fight alongside the workers and that they come from a similar background and community. It is one of my all-time favorites. Lyrics, as always, are translated for your convenience. Enjoy!


    Obrero, acepta mi mano
    déjame entrar en tu hogar
    obrero, yo soy tu hermano
    quiero contigo luchar

    Del pueblo somos obrero
    sabemos de tu penar
    cantando tus sufrimientos
    comenzamos a luchar.

    Somos obreros del arte
    somos la nueva canción
    luchando con las guitarras
    aportando nuestra voz.

    También somos pregoneros
    del orden que ha de venir
    acercando ese momento
    lucharemos junto a ti.

    ¡Obreros a luchar!


    Worker, take my hand
    let me into your home
    worker, I am your brother
    I want to fight with you

    We are of the people, worker
    we understand your struggle
    and singing of your suffering
    we will begin to fight

    We are workers of art
    we are the new song
    fighting with guitars
    and sharing our voice

    We are also proclaimers
    of the order that will come to be
    as we close in on the moment
    we will fight by your side

    Workers, let’s fight!