1. Un video mas completo de la misa guerrillera del cura revolucionario Ernesto Cardenal, junto a los guerrilleros sandinistas de Nicaragua en 1978.

  2. Ernesto Cardenal, el cura y poeta revolucionario del Frente Sandinista.

    "con Cristo empieza el pensamiento revolucionario."


  3. "We are familiar with the personification of the new man as Che Guevara, but thanks mainly to Nicaragua’s minister of culture [Fr. Ernesto Cardenal] the new man [was] also publicly equated with Jesus Christ—still the most revered example of love and sacrifice for the world’s poor and most oppressed. During Christmas 1980, posters in the Nicaraguan capital celebrated the birth of the new man, picturing the Christ child in a manger with the Virgin Mary protected by Sandinista armed guards!"
    — Donald C. Hodges, Intellectual Foundations of the Nicaraguan Revolution, p. 261
  4. Te doy, Claudia, estos versos, porque tú eres su dueña.

  5. Nicaragua’s famous priest and poet, Ernesto Cardenal, reading to Sandinista guerrillas in the mountains. Circa 1978.

  6. Managua, 1983: Pope John Paul II scolds Fr. Ernesto Cardenal upon the former’s arrival for a papal visit in Nicaragua. Cardenal was an early collaborator with the FSLN and, after the Sandinista victory in 1979, Minister of Culture for the government led by the Junta of National Reconstruction. He was one of a handful of priests with governmental positions, along with his brother, Fr. Fernando Cardenal S.J. who worked in the Ministry of Education and directed the successful literacy campaign of 1980.

    John Paul II, far less tolerant of the radical trends that had developed within the Catholic Church after Vatican II than his predecessor, frowned upon the church’s ‘politicization’ and condemned liberation theology, forbidding the involvement of priests in the Sandinista government in the process. Ernesto Cardenal and others ignored this order.

  7. Ernesto Cardenal wants a hug.

    And if you don’t know who Ernesto Cardenal is, you fail at life as a revolutionary.

    Photo taken by Marcelo Montecino.


  8. "There is a contradiction, an unresolvable difference between a dogmatic priest and a dogmatic Marxist. They are irreconcilable. But between a post-Vatican II priest and a Marxist who vitally lives the reality of Central American history, there is no barrier, no ‘Church as opiate of the people’; there is rather the Church as a catalyst, a spur to the people. In America, in the realm of action, there is no contradiction whatsoever."

    -Fernando Cardenal. Jesuit priest and poet, former Minister of Education for the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, younger brother to the more famous Ernesto Cardenal.

    Interesting food for thought. I took this out David Gullette’s book ¡Gaspar! A Spanish Poet/Priest in the Nicaraguan Revolution, but unfortunately I can’t find an original source for the quote.

  9. Nicaraguan priest and poet Ernesto Cardenal, known for his wonderful poetry, left-wing politics, black beret, and for being 85 years old since birth. Seriously. Look up “Ernesto Cardenal joven” or Ernesto Cardenal young” on Google, and check out the images.

    He served as Minister of Culture during the Sandinista years of the 1980s, later joining the MRS (Sandinista Renovation Movement) , where he remains to this day.

    Te Doy Claudia, Estos Versos

    Te doy Claudia, estos versos,
    porque tú eres su dueña.

    Los he escrito sencillos
    para que tú los entiendas.

    Son para ti solamente,
    pero si a ti no te interesan,
    un día se divulgarán,
    tal vez por toda Hispanoamérica…

    Y si al amor que los dictó,
    tú también lo desprecias,

    otras soñarán
    con este amor
    que no fue para ellas.

    Y tal vez verás,
    que estos poemas,
    (escritos para conquistarte a ti)
    en otras parejas
    enamoradas que los lean
    los besos que en ti
    no despertó el poeta.