"We are the shed blood of those comrades
    that the people have not forgotten;
    we will be free or dead but never slaves!”

    While the history of the Argentine left confuses the shit out of me, I still find it fascinating. This song comes from the left-wing Montoneros, a revolutionary Peronist group in the 60s and 70s. To make a long story short, After Juan Peron was deposed by military coup in the 50s, a lot of groups from Marxist left to fascist right began claiming the mantle of Peronism (probably mostly out of opportunism). This was a contradiction that wasn’t helped by Peron, who, from exile in Franquista Spain, simultaneously praised his revolutionary allies as well as the anticommunist organizations that were hunting them down. When he returned from exile in the early 70s, right-wing Peronists ended up firing on leftists at the Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires (injuring hundreds and killing at least 13), marking the definite split in the strange coalition and the institutional victory of the right-wing.

    Here we’re checking out the anthem of the Montoneros, and it is freaking terrifying. Not to me of course, but I think a quick listen (it’s only like 2 minutes) on your part while demonstrate the value in revolutionary hymns that can scare the hell out of our enemies. Seriously, imagine if you’re an oligarchic piece of shit reactionary: At first you hear merely a muted buzz in the distance, a disturbance to your high tea requiring only an extra lump of sugar and a muffled "carajo…" under your breath. As the moments pass, a steady, uncomfortable tap imposes itself on your consciousness. You try to ignore the sound; perhaps it’s the plumbing, you say, or maybe the maids are walking too loudly. Every second that passes, however, begins to inform your better judgment that your deepest fears are being realized. The heartbeat of hundreds of thousands of approaching revolutionaries speeds up your own, the boiling blood of a militant people covers you in a heavy sweat. Thousands of voices in unison cry out for your demise, and they are asking permission of no one. "Dios mio…. estamos jodidos…"

    Anyway, the politics of the Montoneros were really problematic (based on the little I know) but really, listen to this. Lyrics are below, English translation below that.


    Llegó la hora, llegó ya compañero
    la larga guerra por la liberación.
    Patria en cenizas, patria del hombre nuevo,
    nació una noche de pueblo montonero,
    fecundó en tierra y ardió en revolución.

    Es montonero, el grito es peronismo,
    es la esperanza, tenemos que luchar.
    Es montonero, el pueblo es el camino,
    Perón o muerte, socialismo nacional.

    Mi tierra en armas, mi tierra montonera
    pondrá su pecho al yanqui imperialista
    y será patria de obreros peronistas.


    Somos la sangre de aquellos compañeros
    ya derramada que el pueblo no ha olvidado,
    libres o muertos pero jamás esclavos.



    The time has come, it has come my comrade,
    for the long war for our liberation.
    The homeland in ashes, homeland of the new man,
    born one night of the montonero people,
    fertilized in the earth and engulfed in the revolution’s flame.

    We are the Montoneros, our cry is Peronism,
    it is the hope, we have to fight.
    We are the Montoneros, ‘the people’ is the way,
    Peron or death, national socialism

    My land in arms, my montonera land,
    will proudly confront the Yankee imperialist
    and will become the homeland of Peronist workers


    We are the shed blood of those comrades
    that the people have not forgotten;
    we will be free or dead but never slaves.


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