1. A panel of revolutionary speakers gathered on August 12 at the Everything for Everyone Festival. The engagement was significant — both in its unities and diversity. The talks confronted a key issue for communist regroupment and action: How do we build a revolutionary movement today in the belly of this beast?

    Let’s engage this discussion — and deepen our common purpose.

    The audio of each talk is presented here in YouTube and MP3 format — in the order that they spoke at the E4E plenum.

    The speakers are:

      • Mike Ely, Kasama Project
      • Geoff Mc, formerly with Bring the Ruckus
      • Shemon Salam, East Coast Renegades, formerly with Unity and Struggle
      • Kali Akuno, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
      • Sopiko Japaridze, Take Back the Block, Atlanta
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