1. Cuba and Human Development

    In the 2011 United Nations Human Development Report, Cuba was ranked #51 out of 187 countries in its level of human development (0.776). It’s Gross National Income per capita, however, is #103 in the world at $5,416.


    1. Cuba’s Human Development Index is 52 places higher than where it should be expected to be, based on its GNI. This is the highest (read:best) discrepancy in the world.
    2. Cuba’s HDI is higher than Saudi Arabia and the Bahamas, despite Cuba’s GNI per capita being less than 1/4 of that of either country.
    3. Cuba’s HDI is fourth in Latin America, behind only Chile (0.805), Argentina (0.805), and Uruguay (0.783). When income is not factored into world HDI calculations (i.e. when it is simply an calculation based on life expectancy, mean years of schooling, and expected years of schooling), Cuba is not only the highest in Latin America at 0.904, it is the highest in the entire Global South and 25th in the world.
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