1. "The Sandinista experience has always suggested to me what I have called an “ecosystem approach” to revolutionary strategy. That is to say that real-life revolutions are not simply the result of the triumph of a single correct line over all the assorted incorrect lines, but rather a convergence or synchronization of sometimes competing but ultimately complementary strategies on the part of differently situated actors. Sometimes this occurs within a party or a formal front, but often not. I think, for example, of the role of Left SRs and anarchists in the October Revolution and its immediate aftermath. One trend is almost always primary in this relationship, but success depends on the contributions of multiple formations. This doesn’t mean its not important to struggle over the correct line, but it does mean that we should expect some of those struggles to be incomplete in their resolution and for trends that divide in order that certain forms of work are able to mature can come back together in later moments."
    — Chris Day

    (Source: kasamaproject.org)

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