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    I don’t make a habit of asking for things, and to be honest I’m pretty awful at it. However, I’d like to make an exception here and ask that you consider reblogging this and sharing it among radical and revolutionary minded folks; I would really appreciate it! Please also consider making a pledge to help us reach our goal; even $5 or $10 makes a huge difference, and your pledge only becomes a donation if we raise $11,000 within 30 days, i.e. you get to keep your money if we don’t hit our goal. Thank you in advance for your support! There are also some really awesome incentives for donating, including t-shirts, posters, and photobooks! If we are successful, this festival could be a catalyzing event for the development of a new radical and revolutionary mainstream on the west coast and in the United States more generally. Below you can read the statement on our Kickstarter account, and you can view our website here. I relocated 3 weeks ago from New York to Seattle to help organize this festival and make it a reality, so you can be sure I think it’s legit :-). 



    The Everything for Everyone Festival is a free, two-day music, art, and politics festival scheduled to take place in Seattle, Washington on August 11th and 12th.

    In 2011, the rule of the 1% began to be challenged in brand new ways. A wave of discontent with the old older of things began in Egypt and Tunisia in the Spring. This wave gained strength and momentum into the Fall with the Occupy movement. Now in 2012, there is a desire coming from everywhere on the planet to continue that spirit of resistance of 2011, and to develop it in new and meaningful ways. This desire for change is not manifesting itself in the traditional forms of opposition to the current system, nor is that desire seeking just to “fix” the old oppressive order to make it seem “fairer” to the relative few on the planet.  

    The desire is for a new form of popular struggle, and a new content of the way we relate to each other as people and to our planet - our common home. This desire is not for merely balancing the budgets or repairing the social safety nets in just a few countries, but rather making everything for everyone all over the planet. We would like to invite those all over the world with this desire to come together in a celebration of the world we seek to bring into being, and to exchange our ideas about how make that happen.

    The Everything For Everyone Festival is meant to give a face for this new movement. The festival intends to facilitate debate and cross-fertilization between different ideas, for a mutual flourishing of those engaged in different aspects of a common struggle and those who have yet to participate. A movement for changing everything is much more than actions and protest, as vital as those are. It is a new politics, culture, and forms of organization; a new way of living.

    The Occupy movement has opened eyes and created new possibilities. This festival aims to include those who have participated and those who have yet to participate but are attracted to fundamentally changing society, and to provide a space for the new culture, the new philosophy, and new politics in its diversity and complexity to intermingle and grow stronger. It aims to bring together art, music, workshops, philosophy, and encompassing participation from attendants.

    To make this happen, we need your help. $11,000 is needed just to cover some of our initial costs, including permits, PA equipment, and travel costs for speakers and performers. As you consider whether or not to back this project, remember that your pledge is not merely to fund a festival; it will directly contribute to creating a new culture, forging new relationships among people, and building a new world in which everything truly is for everyone.

    Your companions on the road to freedom,

    The Everything for Everyone Coordinating Committee

    Initial endorsers: Occupy Seattle, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Portland, Kali Akuno-Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Black Orchid Collective, Student Anarchist Study Group, Red Spark (Kasama Project), Rising Tide

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