1. The fatal shooting of NYPD officer Peter Figoski, 47, early yesterday (Monday, 12/12/11) has sparked a pity party among the mainstream (corporate) media who are gushing about this “tragic” event. Officer Figoski was shot in the face after responding to an apartment burglary at 2:15 am in Brooklyn. The alleged shooter as well as 4 more suspects have been arrested so far. This includes the alleged shooter’s accomplice, and two other neighbors who were not initially suspected of being part of the robbery. The fifth suspect is the alleged getaway driver. All five men are being charged with murder even though the police claim that only one of the men did the actual shooting.

    Figoski is the 10th NYPD officer to die on duty since 2001, and the second this year. The other officer to die on duty in 2011 is Alain Schaberger, who broke his neck when he fell over a railing while responding to a domestic violence call in March. While politicians are always quick to emphasize the facts that the police risk their lives on the job, they are much more often the ones doling out violence rather than receiving it.

    To put this in perspective, the NYPD has engaged in 33 total “incidents of intentional police discharge during adversarial conflicts” in the year of 2010. In these 33 incidents 16 subjects were shot and injured, 8 more were shot and killed. Since 2001, the NYPD has documented 516 total “incidents of intentional police discharges during adversarial conflicts”, with about 100 subjects shot and killed in these ten years, not including 2011 for which the statistics have not been released. From the numbers available for years 1998 through 2006, there were 572 total shooting incidents at civilians by NYPD, 77% (441) of which the police were the only ones shooting.

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