Just a quick post for you guys today from an artist that I have thus far ignored, both in terms of personal attention and attention on this blog. Vicente Feliú is a Cuban trovador, coming out of the post-Revolution school of nueva trova, made famous by compatriots Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés and, to a lesser extent, Amaury Pérez and Sara González. Nueva trova is usually characterized by extremely poetic, guitar-heavy songs that deal with both political and romantic topics.

    This is a really pretty (and short) song by Feliú which I pulled from his 1997 album Guevarianas but which was released originally (perhaps earlier) on his 1990 album Artepoética. It’s definitely worth giving a listen to! Below you will find both the original Spanish lyrics along with an English translation. Enjoy!


    Dame ese beso todo lo completo que puedas.
    Dame ese abrazo todo lo completo que puedas.
    Hagamos el amor totalmente
    sin que quede después la menor desgarradura.

    Esto es la vida, la intensidad de este momento.
    Esto es la vida, la inmensidad de este momento.

    Esto es también el hombre nuevo.


    Give me that kiss as completely as you can.
    Give me that embrace as fully as you can.
    We will make love in its entirety,
    without there remaining even the slightest heartbreak.

    This is life, the intensity of this moment.
    This is life, the immensity of this moment.

    This is also the new man.

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