Aquí está Daniel Ortega, el mejor de los presidentes,
    en la historia de mi pueblo nunca habido otro igual!
    Y la gente lo respeta porque sabe que es buen hombre,
    lo que promete, lo cumple, nadie lo puede negar!

    This is a ranchera promoting Daniel Ortega’s candidacy for the November 2011 Nicaraguan presidential election. Ortega is widely expected to win, with most polls showing him in the lead with an overwhelming margin.

    The ranchera is a style most commonly identified with Mexico, though it is common throughout Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala as well. It is recognized through its emotive singing, duple meter, and in this case, through its utilization of a mariachi ensemble.

    In contrast with some of the pro-FSLN music we’ve listened to previously on this blog, if you understand Spanish you’ll see that the lyrical content here has been stripped of much of its revolutionary character and is constrained largely to promoting Ortega as an honest politician worthy of a vote.

    I find the change in character distressing, but I’m not surprised. It’s still a nice sounding song though, so definitely give it a listen!


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