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    Recently, New Yorkers witnessed New York Police Department officers tearing down one of several billboard posters legally mounted by Peoples’ Justice for Community Control and Police Accountability (Peoples’ Justice or PJ).  Peoples’ Justice is a city-wide coalition of grassroots organizations working to end police violence in New York City. 

    There are currently Peoples’ Justice billboard posters in Hunts Point, Fordham, Pelham, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick, and West Queens.  These neighborhoods are continuously subjected to over-policing and violent policing practices, which disproportionately impact people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, low-income and poor people, youth and the homeless. Community members are harassed, beaten, and illegally stopped, questioned, frisked, searched and arrested — usually with little or knowledge of their legal rights when interacting with police officers.  PJ billboard posters serve to educate and empower resident of these communities.  For more information about neighborhoods targeted by the Stop, Question, Frisk policing, visit the New York Times interactive map.

    People’s Justice is a city-wide grassroots coalition organizing against police violence.  We offer know your rights trainings, and train and resource neighborhood-based Cop Watch teams, which document police activity to prevent abuse.  Email us at info@peoplesjustice.org if you would like to schedule a training or learn more about our work.

    We will not be silenced! We hope you will contact us and join the struggle to end police harassment and brutality. 

    I work with this group and they do good work. NYPD doing what they do best, looking out for their own image at the expense of people’s well-being.

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    What do you want to bet that the next war will be the people against the police agencies enforcing the new, draconian...
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    There is a poster by People’s Justice in my neighborhood, and their work is critical. The NYPD has consistently...
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    I work with this group and they do good work. NYPD doing what they do best, looking out for their own image at the...
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