1. There have been more deaths from homicide in Oakland this month than deaths from Hamas rockets in Israel

    Oakland has 1/20th Israel’s population and it’s been a slow month for homicides here. Nobody feels terrorized.


  2. I love this article. Susan Abdulhawa lays down a perfect and beautiful explanation of why Palestinians fight back, and why many of us look to Palestine with admiration and profound respect.


  3. One of my coworkers today said that he was hungry for an “empeñada” and I had the joy of telling him that what he really wanted was an empanada, and than an empeñada is a hypothetical event in which a bunch of people get together to pawn off their stuff


  4. Israel es el Arjen Robben del Medio Oriente


  5. spoiler alert: after a rigorous experience of scripted backstabbing and planned betrayals, contestants all agree that your fellow human is not to be trusted, massive social inequality and aggressive individualism are the only way to organize a society, there is no alternative, and we self-interested billionaires at FOX totally had absolutely nothing to do with them coming to this convenient conclusion whatsoever


  6. There won’t be a presidential election in the US for 2.5 more years and I’m already dreading the avalanche of “Well would you rather have a Republican?” arguments that Democrats pull out when they’ve completely run out of talking points.

    I was 14 when Bush was first elected and I’ll be 30 when Obama leaves: I care very little what war criminal they throw in that blood-soaked office next.


  7. if gender is simply “identity” why don’t we just use one if the many descriptive words for this phenomenon in the English language, you know like maybe “identity”


    1. Dad: ves que ahí dice Made in China, es por eso que los tornillos se siguen aflojando
    2. Yo: no culpes a los chinos cuando son las meras corporaciones norteamericanas las que nos venden productos de baja calidad, papi. la culpa no es de los chinos, la culpa es…
    3. Abuela: …del imperio!
    4. Yo: así es, papi, como dice mi querida abuelita antiimperialista

  8. If by “tall, dark, and handsome” you mean “average height, kinda tan in summer, and okay looking,” then allow me to introduce myself


  9. Contemporary cultural appropriation (and hipsterdom more generally) is the natural result of a generation of Westerners, raised with no culture other than capitalist consumerism, “appreciating” the “authenticity” of other peoples the only way they’ve been taught how: usurping what they like, commodifying what they can, consuming as a status symbol, and discarding when their “discovery” no longer carries any social cachet. At its core, this isn’t really about privilege, it’s about something far more sinister: economics.

  10. Emiliano Zapata statue in Chicano Park (San Diego, California).

  11. Yesterday I got to visit Chicano Park in San Diego for the first time!


  12. Received this from Roxanne today for anyone who might be interested… I’m going to try to go from Oakland, assuming I can stay awake that long :-/

    Today, 5/19, at 7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Modern Times Bookstore Collective
    2919 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110

    Michelle Tea hosts:

    Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Breanne Fahs talk about their writings on radical women. This event will feature Breanne Fahs’ “Valerie Solanas: The Defiant Life of the Woman who Wrote SCUM (and Shot Andy Warhol)” by Breanne Fahs, Feminist Press, 2014. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s 2001 memoir, “Outlaw Woman: A Memoir of the War Years, 1960-1975,” is out in a new and revised edition from University of Oklahoma Press. Both books will be available for sale at the event.


  13. On radio stations in San Diego, the Mexican government oddly broadcasts PSAs in English about random government initiatives but the funny thing is that they are all direct translations and sometimes they can’t find a good translation, and you’ll hear a white voice-actor call her friend “comadre” in the thickest gringo accent imaginable.

  14. Los Nuevos Rebeldes, anoche en Tijuana!