1. I think part of the problem with the way “ally politics” is currently thought of is that (using race as an example) progressive whites don’t want to try to relate to reactionary whites because of a perceived guilt by association, and because they get more cred in radical circles by denouncing White America as vociferously as possible than by trying to engage with it and win converts. Relating to White America constructively is viewed with suspicion, because the radical Left’s obsession with ideological purity presumes that if you can understand someone’s position and its material basis, you therefore must be sympathetic to it. So we end up with a shitshow of white radicals—sometimes opportunistically, sometimes because they don’t know otherwise—trying to one-up each other to see who hates other whites more, which is a great exhibition of chest-beating but a fairly dire political strategy in a country that will be majority-white for the foreseeable future.

    The whole point of having “white allies” is that they have the ability to relate to the misguided frustrations and anger of their own racial group and transform consciousness from that understanding, as well as to act as an authority on the subject who subconsciously-racist whites might actually listen to; if they are unwilling to do this and be patient in winning white support for racial justice, then what good is “allyship” beyond creating a pale cheerleading squad?


  2. If you don’t give your friends space and time to improve their politics, they will never improve; if you create a repressive climate in your presence, your friends will abandon you for a place they can speak freely without judgment. Nobody wants to feel like they are under siege in their own social group, and nobody is obligated to spend time with you because of your subjectively superior analysis of society.

  3. D & 16th, Sacramento. Mural by R. Huizar.

  4. Mobilization at San Francisco city hall against the techie-fication of public parks, 10/16/14. Most people are here because of the incident at Mission District park, when a bunch of mostly white tech workers tried to kick a bunch of mostly Latino kids off a soccer field after having paid for a reservation through a mobile app.

  5. badassmexicans:

     Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan

    Tenía muchas ganas de estar en el pueblito de Tzintzuntzán este año para el DDLM pero no pude conseguir boletos baratos para esas fechas :-(


  6. "Let them eat artisan toast!"
    — San Francisco tech bros, upon being told that the city’s poor can barely afford bread
  7. diariolacapital:

    Elecciones en Bolivia. El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, fue elegido por tercera vez consecutiva desde su primera victoria, en 2005. Ahora recogió un 60,5% de los votos y ganó en ocho de los nueve departamentos del país. Fotos AP y REUTERS

    Ganó nuestro Evo :-)

  8. This headline is the perfect encapsulation of the new age spiritual neoliberalism of the tech elite: the Buddhism of the bourgeoisie.


  9. Don’t let your totally legitimate hatred for capitalist marketing gimmicks blind you to the very real need for radical movements to create our own ‘brands’ and aesthetics. Attractive logos, pithy slogans, consistent color schemes, definitive typefaces, cutting edge design strategies, etc. may seem trivial compared to the content of our politics, but they can ultimately make the difference between thousands of people being drawn to your cause on the one hand, and nobody even knowing you’re there on the other.


  10. Next time you’re worried that the conclusion to your paper is more emotional than factual, remember that in the 90’s SWV had us all swooning so hard to the lyrics “I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak” that none of us even stopped to consider that the knees and vocal chords are two entirely different body systems which have nothing to do with one another


    1. Roommate: I'm going to start listening to more Steve Harvey, I think he really...
    2. Me: ......do you mean David Harvey
    3. Roommate: ......yes.

  11. I went on a date on Friday and we were talking about global politics, and somehow we got around to talking about places where it particularly sucks to be a woman. I mentioned how Reagan called the Taliban “the moral equivalent of America’s founding fathers” while they were fighting an Afghan regime that was generally not great but was relatively quite progressive for women, and she looked me right in the eye and said “you’re making me hate America more.” In my head I was just like “damn that was the sexiest thing you could have said just now,” but unfortunately I think I actually just kind of blushed a little and said “well… yeah.”


  12. The political culture in the United States is so fucked up that calling something unjust is considered a less effective way to discredit your opponent’s position than calling it un-American.


  13. If I have any followers in Oakland, what do y’all think of Dan Siegel’s run for mayor? He seems like a legit dude with a relatively pro-people platform, but I don’t know if it’s enough to cause me to vote for the first time in 8 years.


  14. lowendtheory but whiteness is a political institution, whereas parental resemblance is not. Sure, the expectation of whiteness is basically implicit in white reproduction, but the fact that the couple is white is secondary to this aspect of the case; if this had been a black lesbian couple, would they be justified in suing if they requested a black donor and the bank accidentally gave them a redhead? Of course they would be, and it wouldn’t mean that they love their child any less.